For the Future Generations

United Islamic Cultural Center of Bangladesh was set up by Bangladeshi and Turkish volunteer groups of Muslim with the aim of Islamic teaching and modern education facilities for new generations and social help and support for needy people in Bangladesh. We have same organization all around the world such as; Turkey Usa Europe Australia Malaysia Indonesia Singapore Philippine Japan Hong Kong.

UICCB has two hostels in Bangladesh maintaining facilities for students who continue both English medium and Bangla medium schools.

  • UCCB Main hostel was established in 2011 at Uttara Sector 3. UICCB Main Hostel has 55 student capacity.
  • The Camlica Student Hostel was established in 2009 at Uttara Sector 5. This hostel serves to 23 student.

Our aim is to educate children in modern style in the light of Quran. Initially, we teach our students basic Islamic rules, which must be known by all Muslims. Besides, all our students continue to their education on schools to learn world sciences. There are also extra lessons in our hostel to help students in their school educations. We put all our efforts to make these children good individuals not only for their countries but also their nations.

In this day and age, it is a fact that our boys are growing up in a spiritually deficient environment. The C.S.H.B has commenced a project for the future of our younger generation. With your ongoing support together, we will educate our children

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